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Sports Massage for Kids and Teens (Ages 8-17)

Massage prevents injury, cramping, muscle soreness, improves range of motion, circulation and performance.

Children and young adults that participate in athletics have bodies that are highly tuned and sensitive.  It's important to maintain their growing bones, muscles, tendons, and nervous system with massage.   A full body sports massage is a perfect treatment to keep their bodies at a peak performance level.  Even shorter massages on local areas such as the calves or thighs, if you are getting cramps or lactic acid build up, are beneficial right there and then even during rehearsal/ performance or sports event.

 How often should a young athlete receive a massage?

It is seriously recommended that a young athlete have a decent massage at least once a month, depending on your schedule. A good massage once a month, before a rest day, will keep you free from problems building up over time.

Can massage help in injury prevention?

Massage is considered to help prevent injuries by assisting the body to stay supple, de-stressed and in better shape. As there is less tension in highly used muscle groups they react better to the stresses of dancing, gymnastics, and other physical sports activities.

Can massage speed up injury recovery?

Massage is often associated with injury recovery, depending on the type of injury. Always seek advice from a doctor first who can check whether there are hairline fractures or spinal alignment problems, a severe inflammation or contusion - bleeding after an injury to the muscle.

Doctors often recommend massage as treatment in recovery from injuries which produce swelling in muscles and joints. But it is important to have a good understanding of the injury before applying massage, because a deep massage to a freshly injured muscle will only increase the problem and damage the muscle fiber further.

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*Kids under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent during the first session.